There are quite a lot of webcam sites today, but one of the oldest ones that is still around is MyFreeCams. As you give the website a visit, you will notice that the design looks quite outdated, with limited search options and the featured cam girls are listed in a ranking list instead of immediately being shown as you enter the website, and other minor things that are not really that important, but they add a little bit piece by piece, which might turn away a lot of people from this site to begin with. One amazing thing that the website truly does is that the way profile pages can be edited are quite extraordinary, and you will definitely feel a bit nostalgic if you have been a user of MySpace back in the day.

However, the people that do manage to look through the flaws the website carries, they will discover that the models on this website are some of the very best in the industry. A great thing about the site is that you can browse through all of the models that the site offers without even registering at all, and you should also know that all of the models that the site offers are female. While the site design is outdated, the things that the models offer are definitely not.

There are a lot of new models starting their live sex cam carreers every day, and they definitely know how to please everyone who enters their live shows. Most of the girls use sex toys that respond to the tips they receive, so every time you make a request from the model to play around with her big tits or to show you her feet, you should know that the model is also going to experience some sexual pleasures herself thanks to the vibrating toy. While MyFreeCams might look really old, the content that it offers is really worth checking out, the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely goes for this site, and once you visit a couple of models during their live sex shows, you are going to return more times than you think.


The webcam industry is full of great models, however, you are not going to find a better place to meet and have live cam sex with hot babes like This website has been around for quite a while, and over the years, it has implemented quite a lot of features that perfect a webcam site. For starters, as soon as you visit the site, you are going to find a lot of featured cam girls, and unlike on other cam sites where the thumbnails are either preset images or screenshots of current live scenes, on Camsoda you will see the majority of them being live videos swapping between one another every few seconds. If you are interested in the current live version of a thumbnail that is not moving, all you have to do is hover your mouse over it and you can immediately see what you’ll get yourself into if you join the room.

While that seems like a minor thing, everyone who is browsing webcam sites knows how opening new tabs can waste time as sometimes the live shows can be quite boring even if the thumbnail says differently. Besides this great feature, the search filters that Camsoda offers are the best. There are so many tags to choose from instantly, and in case you fail to find something that turns you on, you can always use the search bar instead.

All of the models on this site are using the token system, and a lot of them work with tipping requests as well as tipping for some pre-recorded photos or videos as well as social media contacts, and sometimes used panties. The site is incredibly active and it cares about its broadcasters and the viewers as well. One of the most unique things at Camsoda is the exclusive video section that features some of the top models in an exclusive Camsoda video, which can be your regular porn or just a special webcam session that is used to promote that specific channel. If you are a man who wants to see hot babes being naughty in front of their cams, then is something that will not disappoint you.

While porn is quite popular today, especially with the release of 4K videos and VR porn, you would not expect something like a cam site to be as popular, or even more than that. is a website that has been around for a really long time, and if you gave it a visit a couple of years ago, then you should definitely give it another chance. Unlike before where you had to pay for a registration before you could even check out some of the models, today you can join most of the live shows without even registering on the site, and if you do want to register, it is completely free. Of course, there has to be something that keeps the site going, and while there are some ads here and there on the site, tokens play the biggest role.

Tokens are a currency that can be used on, and you can use them for all kinds of things such as unlocking some videos that the models offer on their profiles, or the more common thing, just to tip the models and make requests. All of the models have some kind of tipping menus that feature some of the most requested things, and with those menus you can be certain that the girl is not going to decline your request. While it doesn’t seem like much, even a single token can play a big role today in the webcam industry, and that is because most cam girls are using sex toys that will vibrate to tips. While single token tips don’t make strong and long vibrations, sometimes all it takes is that one single token to make the girl have an epic orgasm during her live show. has definitely advanced quite a lot since its initial release, and you should give it another visit. Afterall, the explanation why webcam sites are more popular than regular porn are best experienced by visiting sites like and finding your favorite model. Once you get to know the model, you can also take her to a private session for even more naughty adult fun.


There are definitely a lot of great webcam sites out there, however, Streamate is something that is extremely questionable. While the site looks absolutely fantastic on first look, the more and more you explore, you will realize at one point that the whole site is an ad for a dating service. Streamate at first glance offers a lot of incredible models, and the search options on the right side are genius, you can easily find a girl that will fit your tastes, however, when you actually want to check the girl out, you are immediately forced into registering on the site.

The worst part about this is that you are not even registering on Streamate directly, but on a dating site instead. In order to access Streamate cams you will have to complete the registration process and end up with a dating profile as well. While that profile can get you some use as you can meet quite a lot of hot babes all over the world, it shouldn’t be mandatory. While the registering part might be the thing that turns a lot of visitors to other cam sites, it is definitely worth doing it, because once you can actually check out the models’ live rooms, you will wish to stay forever.

All of the models on Streamate are fantastic, every single one of them has a unique approach to live sex shows, and you are bound to find a cam girl that will make you want to check out Streamate every now and then in case she happens to be live. Girls on Streamate do all kinds of things such as stripping and playing around with their good bits, however, they also like to take things to another level by doing some roleplay and cosplay too. If you really like a cam girl on Streamate, then you can always invite her to a private cam to cam session where things can really heat up between you two as most models are more open when they are alone with someone. Even if the registration process is a bit of a pain, you should definitely do it because the reward after registering is just incredible.


According to a lot of people that visit live sex cams daily, Chaturbate is one of the best sites where you can find good adult entertainment in the live webcam format. The site’s homepage immediately brings you into the action, and you can see all of the most popular room at the moment. Another thing that is great about this feature is that the thumbnails for rooms are not preset, and they are always live images. While the feature could be improved that it plays the live show in a mini-window, the thumbnails based on the time you enter the page are more than enough to give you a hint whether or not you will find the model attractive.

Chaturbate offers broadcast services of all kinds of models, so you will find solo girls, guys, and transgenders as well. Broadcasting is also possible in pairs, and you can find a lot of groups of two or more in the couples section, and these have their own vibe if you are into that. The majority of models on Chaturbate are by no surprise, solo babes, and there are all kinds of various sex shows they offer. The most common ones, of course, are the ones that involve stripping and teasing by posing in various positions, but there are also shows where girls will gladly stick big sex toys either into their tight wet pussies or their anal canals. All models on Chaturbate definitely know how to make use of their good bits, so no matter which live sex show you choose to watch, you are definitely going to be entertained.

The best part about Chaturbate is the goal system that pretty much all of the models use, and if the community works together by tipping for various requests, a couple of mini goals are going to become a reality. Ultimately by the end of every model’s session, the final goal is going to be reached, and these are the things that make the community feel great because upon all the minor requests everyone individually gets are combined for a major request like an instant cum show or something of a similar caliber.

Live sex cams sites

One of the most popular kind of adult entertainment today are definitely live sex cams. There are quite a lot of websites that are based on live webcams, and while live sex cams have been around in the past, things are completely different from before. In the early days of live sex cams, there haven’t been that many sites like today and the internet technologies were not that great either, meaning that the number of models and the video quality they were broadcasting in, was pretty bad. To make things worse, a lot of webcam sites in the early days of the webcam industry didn’t allow you to access any live session without a registration, and registering an account required you to purchase some tokens before you could even see the girls that the sites were offering.

Luckily, things today are completely different, and you can find all kinds of models on all kinds of websites. The model variety goes from female, to male, to transgender, and while solo shows are still the most popular ones, there are quite a lot of couples and groups who love to share their sexual talents in front of their camera. A lot of cam girls today do work as full-time cam girls, and these are usually the ones who are well prepared when it comes to sex toys and other equipment such as sexy outfits, stripping poles and everything else. But, there are a lot of amateur cam girls who are just bored and want to have fun with strangers. These are often referred to as exhibitionists, and if you are looking for an amateur cam girl who will gladly have a one-on-one cam to cam session with you in private without taking any tokens from you, that category is the place to look at.

While most of the cam girls are amateurs who overtime became incredibly popular thus they decided to do camming for a living, a lot of cam girls are known porn stars who just love to get a bit more personal with their fans. Pornstar cam shows allow all the fans to direct the live session and request all kinds of kinky things from the pornstar that they usually won’t see her do in her porn movies. One of the most interesting things today, for both amateur and full-time cam girls are various sex toys that can be controlled over a link that you can paste into your browser. While most of these toys that girls put inside of their lover tunnels only put out certain types of vibrations that you can fully control, a lot of newer sex toys offer some full motion and even realistic penetration. So, it can easily be said that in the future, when the VR gear gets a slight boost in easy access, you could be potentially having a live sex session with a cam girl with an experience that she is in your own living room, taking a hard pounding or giving you a great blowjob.